• Motorola Radio Throat Mic - Paintball Equipment

Motorola Radio Throat Mic - Paintball Equipment

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  • Motorola Radio Throat Mic
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Motorola Throat Mic brings unsurpassed clarity ruggedness and affordability to law enforcement military paintball and active sports. Designed for comfort this communications system delivers outstanding sound quality and discreet interaction making it mission essential. Motorola Throat Mic has an acoustic air tube and provides the best comfort for extensive use on long operations. It is made of soft rubber you don't even notice while wearing it. More information and specification Compatible with: FR50 FR60 Spirit GT Spirit GT plus TalkAbout: (T270 T280 T289 T5100 T5200 T5300 T5320 T5400 T5410 T5420 T5600 T5620 T5700 T5720 T5800 T5820 T5920 T5950 T6200 T6210 T6220 T6250 T6300 T6400 T7200) Key features: Noise canceling provides clearer Audio even in noisy environments 3 optional listening devices Optional remote PTT for special operation VOX compatible for hands-free communication Adjustable throat strap for secure and comfort Adjustable for neck size from 14 to 28 inches. Throat Mic Adapters Throat Mic Listening Devices How to use the Radio Throat Mic 1. Connect the earpiece to the throat microphone kit. 2. Wear the throat microphone kit around your neck so that the earphone cable is pointing backwards. 3. Adjust the clamp to increase or decrease the size of the neck band. If necessary remove the neck band to adjust. When the optimal size is found the neck band is comfortably worn and the contact between throat mic and the neck skin is solid. 4. Adjust throat mic's position between Point A and Point B (Point A: vocal cord Point B: where right below the ear). To find the optimal position of maximum audio performance users are encouraged to repetitiously try the optimal position in the area between A and B. It will increase the volume and decrease the sound clarity to place the throat mic closer to A. And it will decrease the volume and increase the sound clarity to place the throat mic closer to B.

Motorola Radio Throat Mic - paintball equipment

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