• Batseeker Ultrasonic Bat Detector

Batseeker Ultrasonic Bat Detector

Aurand by Earbuds For Running
  • Lets you hear ultrasonic bat echolocation calls during flight and feeding!
  • Ideal for educators, nature enthusiasts, and growing scientists. Explore the amazing world of ultrasonic sound. Hear ultrasonic sounds emitted by bats, rats, pollinating bees, jingling keys, a pin dropping, crumpling aluminum foil, tearing paper, rubbing fabric, popping bubbles, running water, LED and fluorescent lights, and computers.
  • Easy to carry and use: no tuning is required.
  • Earphones included; can also record directly to PC or recorder using using a 3.5mm mono male-to-male audio cable. Additional/replacement earbuds for the Batseeker 1 can be ordered from Amazon: ASIN B00KI2B5S6.
  • Extremely low power consumption: a pair of Sanyo rechargeable AAA Eneloop batteries should last for about 500 hours on a single charge. Manufactured with environmentally friendly RoHS-compliant lead-free parts and solder.
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Would you like to listen to bats on your evening walk or nature hike? Then the Batseeker 1 is the gadget for you! Perfect for budding scientists, nature enthusiasts, conservationists, and educators. The Batseeker 1 lets you hear ultrasonic bat calls during evening flight and feeding activity. State-of-the-art frequency division technology makes the Batseeker 1 easy to use, requiring absolutely no tuning. It simultaneously covers the entire sound frequency range (10-100kHz) of most species of bats, as well as rodents and certain insects. Based on a modern high-performance MEMS silicon microphone, the Batseeker 1 is much more sensitive than the popular SBD2 bat detector, detecting many more species and effective at twice the distance! The compact portable design of the Batseeker 1 allows it to easily fit in your pocket. Two rechargeable 1.2V AAA batteries are required (not included; for best performance Batseeker recommends Sanyo eneloop low-discharge NiHM batteries). Power consumption is extremely low: a pair of 750mAh AAA batteries should last for about 500 hours of continuous use on a single charge. The unit powers off automatically when the earphone plug is disconnected. The novel circuitry of the Batseeker 1 filters out the low-frequency sounds picked up by the sensitive silicon microphone and divides the remaining ultrasonic component by 16, right into the audible range for humans. The advantage of frequency division over heterodyne conversion is that no tuning is required: you will never miss a bat call by being tuned to the wrong frequency!

Batseeker Ultrasonic Bat DetectorBatseeker Ultrasonic Bat DetectorBatseeker Ultrasonic Bat DetectorBatseeker Ultrasonic Bat DetectorBatseeker Ultrasonic Bat Detector

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