• Uno Roboto Game

Uno Roboto Game

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  • Meet the Interactive "Wild Card" that brings UNO to life
  • Customizable game play begins with recording each player's name and creating totally unique "house rules"
  • This unpredictable little robot will surprise you by calling out Random Rules and funny phrases that change the way you play
  • Includes 1 UNO Roboto figure, 108 cards and instructions
  • A must have for any game night
4.87 out of 5
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UNO Roboto Game

A modern twist on the classic game, UNO Roboto is a fun and interactive card game that everyone aged 7 years and up can enjoy. Following the same rules of classic UNO, two to six players attempt to get rid of all of their cards but with one catch: an unpredictable interactive robot mixes up the game every chance he gets. The robot calls out random rules and funny phrases that change the way you play. You never know what UNO Roboto will say next, but you'll still race to say, "UNO!"

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UNO Roboto
  • Ages: 7+ years
  • Requires: 2 to 6 players and 3 AA batteries (included)
At a Glance:
  • Classic UNO game updated with an interactive, battery-powered robot
  • Record players' names and special rules for customized play
  • Robot offers surprise commands and challenges during game play
  • Simple objective provides fun for everyone 7 years and up
  • Designed for play with 2 to 6 players
UNO Roboto
UNO Roboto comes with 108 game cards and an interactive robot figure. View larger.
UNO Roboto
Record each player's name and creat unique "house rules." View larger.
Interactive Game with a Simple Objective

UNO Roboto comes with 108 game cards and an interactive robot figure that serves as the dealer. The objective is simple: try to get rid of your cards as quickly as possible to win the game.

Each player is dealt seven cards from the deck varying in color, number, and symbol. UNO Roboto will call out the name of a player to go first. Players must try to match a card from their existing pile with the card on top of the discard pile. If they don't have a match, they have to take an additional card from the draw pile. Players whittle down their cards, and the first player with only one card left must shout "UNO" to win the game.

Customizable Game Play Adds a Twist

If you've ever played UNO, or even if you haven't, playing UNO Roboto is simple. Prior to beginning the game, players record their name into the robot's microphone for personalized play. Players can also record special house rules, such as "Recite the pledge of allegiance," or "Do the chicken dance" for the robot to call out randomly during the game. Make up your own house rule or choose one from the house rule cards.

Unlike classic UNO, the robot will speak surprise commands at random, challenging players by name to perform certain tasks. The robot may tell you to trade your cards with another player, or instruct everyone to raise an arm, with the last person to do it forced to draw two cards.

Fun, Ready-to-Play Game

This interactive card game comes with everything you will need to play. Three AA batteries come ready to power the robot, and no other setup is required. Your group of two to six players can get right down to the fun--draw, discard, and race against each other to rid yourself of cards and complete the robot's commands.

Playing UNO Roboto is fun. While the concept of an interactive robot may initially seem unnecessary for such an easy to play game, its presence adds unpredictable excitement. Players will appreciate the customizable nature and crazy challenges offered. The robot is small enough to carry for on-the-go play too.

What's in the Box

UNO Roboto figure, 108 cards, and instructions.

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