• The Jericho Deception: A Novel

The Jericho Deception: A Novel

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A heart-stopping thriller into the nexus between spirituality, neuropsychology, and international politics.

What if you controlled the power to see God?

Yale neuroscientist Dr. Ethan Lightman is on the verge of a ground-breaking discovery. A discovery that will solve a mystery that has haunted him since childhood. A discovery that will alter humanity’s relationship with religion forever.

Ethan’s invention, the Logos machine, has the power to produce religious ecstasy, but it may also cause madness.

When a colleague is brutally murdered, Ethan and Rachel Riley, a brilliant and beautiful graduate student, are thrust into a web of treachery that takes them deep into the Egyptian desert and to Project Jericho: a top-secret CIA program run by a mysterious doctor. As Ethan learns how his research has been perverted, he and Rachel race to unlock the Logos machine’s secrets before Project Jericho launches a modern Holy War. Along the way, he must confront a suppressed secret from his past that defines his very being.

The Jericho Deception: A NovelThe Jericho Deception: A Novel

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