• Orb Audio Mod1 / Amplifier Combo In Hand Antiqued Bronze

Orb Audio Mod1 / Amplifier Combo In Hand Antiqued Bronze

Hilda by Subwoofer Amp Combo
  • Stylish speaker solution for your TV, Computer or iPod
  • Groundbreaking sound quality and brilliant imaging
  • Proven t-class amp technology for brilliant soundstage and imaging
  • Buy direct from Orb and eliminate retail markups
  • Upgradeable with subwoofer and larger Mod2 speakers
4.83 out of 5
(17 customer reviews)

Product Description

Orb Audio Mod1 / Amplifier Combo In Hand Antiqued Bronze is a part of Subwoofer Amp Combo products library. To see this Orb Audio Mod1 / Amplifier Combo In Hand Antiqued Bronze in stock for product, click the link above and come over and then you will get this item about Orb Audio Mod1 / Amplifier Combo In Hand Antiqued Bronze .

This specific product of Orb Audio Mod1 / Amplifier Combo In Hand Antiqued Bronze posted by Hilda. You can see a library of Subwoofer Amp Combo. Get segments interesting article about Subwoofer Amp Combo that may help you.

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INCLUDES NEW ORB AMPLIFIER! Want great Orb sound for your computer, iPod or TV without getting into complicated surround sound receivers? This package includes 2 Orb Mod1 or Mod2 speakers and a tiny, audiophile quality amplifier to provide power for your Orbs. Package saves $29 vs. individual prices!

Each Orb speaker is less than 4.25 inches in diameter and packs a custom, state of the art full range speaker driver. While the round speaker shape is pleasing to the eye, it also offers superior acoustic properties - the perfect embodiment of form following function. Dialogue and vocals have excellent presence and music enjoys a rich reproduction that rivals much larger speakers.

Orb Audio speakers are made in America from carbon steel and feature a variety of metallic and powder coated finishes that will complement any decor. Orb Audio's no-compromise approach to speaker design is also apparent with their use of neodymium magnets, oxygen-free internal wire and gold plated brass binding posts.

You can also expand and upgrade this system. For more bass, it's easy to add any powered subwoofer. You can also upgrade the Orb speakers from the single Orb Mod1 speakers to the double Orb Mod2 speakers (two Orbs per speaker, stacked horizontally or vertically). If you want to expand to surround sound, you can even use the Orb speakers in this package with any home theater receiver. These are the exact same speakers featured in Orb Audio's top ranked home theater systems!

Orb Audio's innovative direct business model also means you get more for your money. When you buy an Orb Audio speaker package, you are purchasing directly from Orb Audio and are cutting out multiple layers of retail markups. So, if you are looking for an out of the box speaker solution for your TV, Computer or iPod, the Orb Audio speaker/amp combo will give you great sound without breaking the bank.

Orb Audio Mod1 / Amplifier Combo in Hand Antiqued Bronze

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Orb Audio


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5 year manufacturers warranty on passive speakers manufactured by Orb Audio.

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