• Serene Innovations Ua-50 Business Phone Amplifier

Serene Innovations Ua-50 Business Phone Amplifier

Yarbrough by Best Wireless Earphones
  • Works with all business telephones and headsets
  • Personalized tone settings
  • Easy headset/handset selection button for extra convenience
  • Amplifies incoming audio up to 170 times (45+dB)
  • Digital Sound Processing eliminates distortion, echo effects and unwanted static
4.27 out of 5
(29 customer reviews)

Product Description

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Easily amplify any corded business phone with the Business Phone Amplifier. It works with all traditional business telephones and headsets by connecting between the phone's handset/headset and base. Calls are clearly amplified up to 45dB and enhanced with Digital Sound Processing technology that eliminates distortion, echo effects and unwanted static. To further increase speech intelligibility, the amplifier incorporates Automatic Gain Control to optimize sound level, resulting in crystal clear conversations. Personalize your amplifier to fit your individual hearing abilities by choosing from four digital tone settings. Each setting allows you to boost and enhance the specific speech frequencies you can't hear well, making difficult-to-hear words fully intelligible. 4 Tone Settings: 1) Amplifies low frequencies making lower pitched sounds easier to hear. This setting is for people with low frequency hearing loss. 2) Amplifies all sound frequencies equally making every word full volume and natural sounding. This is the standard setting. 3) Boosts middle to high frequencies making each word more intelligible. This is for people with mild high frequency hearing loss. 4) Amplifies high frequencies making high pitched sounds more distinguishable and easier to understand. This is for people with severe hearing loss and difficulty hearing high pitch sounds. CONTENTS: Amplifier, Cord, Manual.

Serene Innovations UA-50 Business Phone Amplifier

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