• Telex Stratus 50 Digital Anr Headset

Telex Stratus 50 Digital Anr Headset

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  • Patented digital ANR technology
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Patented digital ANR technology provides the most noise protection available today! No other headset can match the Stratus 50 Digital for hearing protection. That's because only the Stratus 50 Digital features SmartSense, a patented active noise reduction technology based on digital signal processing (DSP), to produce an incredible 50 dB of total noise protection! The world's only 'smart' headset SmartSense DSP technology targets low frequency and tonal noise that conventional ANR can't block. These are the frequencies that cause the most hearing damage. SmartSense continuously samples the cockpit, then learns and adjusts the headset to the unique noise signature of your aircraft. No other headset eliminates more damaging noise than the Stratus 50 Digital. The Stratus 50 Digital also offers a powerful combination of comfort, convenience and performance features. Create a comfortable, customized fit Telex's patented ComfortCam system allows you to fine tune headband tension to eliminate clamping. Comfort is enhanced by a unique headband construction that distributes weight evenly for a perfect fit, plus thick foam headband pads and newly redesigned, more comfortable ear cushions. Telex's smart headset just got smarter Ear cup speakers and an electret microphone help eliminate incidental noise and a new, high-efficiency boom microphone helps conserve battery power. The Stratus 50 Digital also features Telex's innovative cell phone/MP3 adapter which allows you to attach both your cell phone and MP3 player at the same time - no more switching cords! Plus you can mute both at a flick of a switch. Features: Total Noise Reduction: 50 dB ANR protection. The most protection you can buy! Exclusive Digital Single Processing (DSP)Technology: Patented SmartSense digital ANR technology cancels harmful frequencies other headsets can't handle. Plus SmartSense le

Telex Stratus 50 Digital ANR Headset

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