• Polk Audio Tsx550T 5.1 Home Theater System (Cherry)

Polk Audio Tsx550T 5.1 Home Theater System (Cherry)

Mueller by Polk Audio Tower Speakers
  • You Receive:Polk Audio TSX550T TOWER x 2 Each Cherry TSX250C Center Cherry x 1 Each TSX220B Bookshelf Cherry x 2 Each BIC Acoustech PL-200 x 1 Each (Black Only)
  • Polk Audio TSX550T Your smartphone. Your computer. Your coffee machine. It's an elite group of inanimate objects that you can really claim to love in a deep, meaningful sense. Even if you're merely appliance speed-dating, it will be obvious that the new TSx Series from Polk is worthy of your affections. Shapely curves, sure, but also brains and stamina; an inner technological glow that signals joy. Whether you're building a high performance music system, a stereo pair, or the front stage of a home theater to rival your local cinema, the TSx550T, the three-way, dual woofer tower that leads the TSx Series, is a bold statement of your love for your own personal kind of entertainment.
  • Polk Audio TSX250C Center Speaker You don't realize it at first, but this is design magic. The best place to put your center channel speaker is either just above or just below your theater screen. This placement is necessary for the realistic audio anchoring of the action to the screen area. The catch is, if you place the speaker below the screen, you also need to tilt it up toward your ears, usually located some distance away on a seat. This is easy to accomplish with the TSx250C Center Channel Speaker. Its enclosure is angled for bottom mounting, with a slanted panel that automatically tilts the speaker directly toward your listening position. The result is more realistic center channel response and a solidly anchored soundstage for your high performance home theater system. Seriously detailed center channel performance from a beautiful loudspeaker with a reversible enclosure for easy placement in any system.
  • Polk Audio TSX220B x 2 Each Larger scale bookshelf loudspeakers deliver the punch of towers in smaller packages. You can be more flexible with your installation and placement. Bookshelf speakers can be placed on stands, within audio furniture, or even hung on the wall. Plus, you can build complete surround-sound systems with bookshelf speakers. Or, you can use bookshelf speakers as your rear surround speakers when you use towers as your front stage left and right speakers. The possibilities are practically endless. And with Polk's new TSx Series, which improves on past models with updated technologies and ingenious enclosure designs, you don't have to strain your imagination or your wallet to achieve high performance sound.
  • Bic Acoustech New Model Platinum Series PL-200 x 1 Each We proudly introduce the BIC/Acoustech Platinum Series PL-200 subwoofer. If you are looking for a top-tier subwoofer at an affordable price, we strongly suggest you audition the Acoustech PL-200. Although both the H-100 and PL-200 are superb value performers, the PL-200 is driven by an audiophile state-of-the-art BASH amplifier capable of delivering up to 1000-watts dynamic peak output. For extended bass response, the PL-200 also has more internal cabinet volume than the H-100. The PL-200 can move an impressive volume of air with exquisite control while delivering prodigious amounts of bass power for both music and theater applications. A sleek cabinet with hand-rubbed black lacquer top and bottom offers a deep gloss shine that is more scratch resistant than many lacquer finishes on the market. Like the Acoustech H-100, we guarantee the PL-200 will knock your socks off, especially for the price!
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Polk Audio Tsx550T 5.1 Home Theater System (Cherry) is a part of Polk Audio Tower Speakers products library. To see this Polk Audio Tsx550T 5.1 Home Theater System (Cherry) in stock for product, click the link above and come over and then you will get this item about Polk Audio Tsx550T 5.1 Home Theater System (Cherry) .

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The power of your first serious loudspeakers is the power of the reimagined, redesigned TSx Series to transport you to the scene of the recorded performance. The design guidelines used to create the TSx Series are the same principles first used to create our original Monitor loudspeakers over 40 years ago. Enjoy incredible high performance from state-of-the-art audio technologies, in a beautifully designed package that not only fits into any room, but also fits into any budget. Pure and simple, TSx is designed with your entertainment in mind.

Introducing the TSx Series of loudspeakers from Polk. Our newest family members are chips off the old Polk block: stylish and quality-built for high performance, without losing sight of your bottom line. The high efficiency TSx Series features gorgeous curves and stylish brushed metal accents. The high tech components feature Dynamic Balance tuned drivers and tweeters for realistic mid-range, deep, well-blended bass, and incredible detail. All in the service of the classic Polk sound: naturally open, spacious and clear.

Polk Audio TSX550T 5.1 Home Theater System (Cherry)

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