• Pyle-Pro Ped02M Electric Thunder Drum Kit With Mp3 Recorder

Pyle-Pro Ped02M Electric Thunder Drum Kit With Mp3 Recorder

Alicia by Drum Headphones
  • Compact, All-in-one Solution - 11 Pre-set Drum Kit with up to 4 Variations - Built-in Metronome - 2 Cymbal Pads - Drum Rack
  • Built-in MP3 layer/Recorder - Built-in Reverb Switch - A-B Looping Learning Feature - 2 Drum Sticks - Sound Module
  • Natural Motion Cymbal Pads and Cymbal Choke Capabilities - Headphone Jack - Fully Adjustable Drum Rack - Hi-Hat Pedal - 110V~220V Auto Switch Power Adapter
  • Natural Response Drum Head with 128 Level Force Velocities Sensor - Stereo Line-in for Portable MP3 Device - ROCK Drum Include: - Bass Drum Pedal - Cables and Drum Lock
  • Sound Generator: 16-bit/44.1 kHz 3D Sound Quality - MIDI In/Out - 5 Drum Pads - User Manual - Instruction DVD
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Product Description

Pyle-Pro Ped02M Electric Thunder Drum Kit With Mp3 Recorder is a part of Drum Headphones products library. To see this Pyle-Pro Ped02M Electric Thunder Drum Kit With Mp3 Recorder in stock for product, click the link above and come over and then you will get this item about Pyle-Pro Ped02M Electric Thunder Drum Kit With Mp3 Recorder .

This specific product of Pyle-Pro Ped02M Electric Thunder Drum Kit With Mp3 Recorder posted by Alicia. You can see a library of Drum Headphones. Get segments interesting article about Drum Headphones that may help you.

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Professional Digital Drum & Percussion Kit
Professional Digital Drum & Percussion Kit
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Works with iPods/MP3 Players
(2) Cymbals Included
Two Cymbals Included
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Get Ready to Rock!
Get Ready to Rock!
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Drum Diagram
Drum Diagram
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Digital Sound Module
Digital Sound Module
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Versatile Digital Drum & Percussion Kit

This digital drum and percussion kit is developed to resemble, sound and play like an actual drum set at a fraction of the size and weight. This customizable, lightweight, and portable instrument kit gives today's modern day spin on the traditional and bulky drum sets. Play the drums to prerecorded sound kits and songs - like soft rock, hard rock, electronic, pop, jazz, and much more - or record your own!

Console Control - Digital Sound Module

MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is an industry-standard protocol that enables electronic musical instruments, computers, and other equipment to communicate, control and synchronize with each other. MIDI allows devices like computers, synthesizers, MIDI controllers, sound cards, samplers, and drum machines to interact with the unit to exchange system data.

Also included is a built-in metronome and 11 pre-set drum kit with up to four variations all to help you imitate an actual drum set.

Plug It In

The input panel has line-in, line-out, MIDI in, MIDI out, headphone jack, and SD memory card slot. Grab your favorite MP3 files from your computer's media library like iTunes and get ready to rock out. Do more and connect sound input sources like a CD, MD, and iPod/MP3 players, computer, microphone, guitar, and speakers to get the most out of this professional drum kit.

Connect Your Computer

Make use of music production software when you connect this drum kit to your computer. Record your own songs, edit, and then share your creation with your friends.

Edit & Record

The digital sound module comes equipped with LCD screens and a ton of audio configuration controls that will allow to create some truly unique and customizable music. Once you've set up your sounds for the drum pads, you can save the presets and continue to drum from there. Then, when you're ready, hit the record button and create your first drum solo.

Play For One Or Play For All

Pump up the volume and drum for a crowd of family and friends or take advantage of the headphone jack and plug in your headphones for a personal drumming session.

About Pyle

The Pyle line includes a wealth of products and accessories designed to enrich your media experiences at home and on the go. Start with your home theater, the entertainment center of any modern house. Pyle has projectors, TVs, mounts, and stands, just to get started - all fully equipped with state-of-the-art HD technology and compatible with next-generation devices and video game consoles like Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii, as well as your favorite Blu-ray players, for crisp, hi-res images. Then, upgrade your audio with speakers, receivers, subwoofers, MP3 docks, and so much more! Whether you want to upgrade your entertainment experience at home, at the gym, in your car, or even your boat, Pyle has you covered.

There's plenty more to keep you, your family, and your friends entertained in the Pyle line. Accessories for your iPod like bass-expanding mini speakers that run on rechargeable batteries and play your digital music, wherever you go, or even waterproof cases that will leave you feeling worry-free. They're perfect for the dorm room or sitting by the pool. Of course, Pyle also carries all types of cables and adapters you need for a fully operational setup that's sure to be the envy of your neighbors. Vintage turntables that get the look of yesterday’s classic phonographs with today's high-quality manufacturing standards and technology. Are you always on the move? Treat yourself to some comfort and style with noise-canceling headphones. We can't forget about Pyle's Power amplifiers, horn speakers, and waterproof speakers for your garden. Not to mention, tripods and speaker stands. Pyle Home has it all.

Drum Pads Included
Five Drum Pads Included
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Accessories Included

  • Five drum pads
  • Two drum sticks
  • Two cymbals
  • Two pedals (hi-hat and bass)
  • Drum rack
  • Sound module
  • User manual
  • Drum lock
  • 100V~240V auto switch power adaptor
  • Stereo and mono cables
  • Assembly required (iPod & laptop not included)

Additional Features

  • MIDI In/Out
  • Headphone jack
  • Fully adjustable drum rack
  • Built-in reverb switch & metronome
  • Stereo line-in for iPods/MP3 Players
  • 11 Pre-Set Drum Kit with up to four variations
  • Natural motion cymbal pads and cymbal choke capabilities
  • Natural response drum head with 128 level force velocities
Tabletop Drums
Free-Standing Drum Kits
Total Drum Pads/Cymbals777555
Electronic Foot Pedals Included
Instructional Drum Book & DVD

Pyle-Pro PED02M Electric Thunder Drum Kit With MP3 RecorderPyle-Pro PED02M Electric Thunder Drum Kit With MP3 RecorderPyle-Pro PED02M Electric Thunder Drum Kit With MP3 RecorderPyle-Pro PED02M Electric Thunder Drum Kit With MP3 RecorderPyle-Pro PED02M Electric Thunder Drum Kit With MP3 RecorderPyle-Pro PED02M Electric Thunder Drum Kit With MP3 RecorderPyle-Pro PED02M Electric Thunder Drum Kit With MP3 Recorder

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