• Ipax Portable Speaker System For Ipod Shuffle - 5087

Ipax Portable Speaker System For Ipod Shuffle - 5087

Hampton by Speakers For Ipod Shuffle
  • Built in iPod shuffle Docking Station Connector for playing iTunes and recharging the shuffle.
  • Recharges iPod shuffle while docked and plugged in via AC adapter.
  • Storage compartment for iPod shuffle and for earbuds when not in use.
  • Powered by standard 4AA batteries. AC adapter included.
  • Durable hard cover case to store and protect you're built in speakers and your iPod shuffle
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The i-Pax is the first truly portable speaker case system with a 9 pin docking station made exclusively to fit the iPodShuffle. The custom tilt-up / tilt-down 9 pin docking connector allow you to conveniently play and store your iPod Shuffle. The i-Pax has been designed to hi-fidelity standards utilizing a digital amp, aluminum cone neodymium drivers for clarity, ported speaker housings and advanced Maxxbass technology for an enhanced bass response while minimizing distortion. The result is the best sound in its category. The i-Pax hard cover case has a number of functions. The case is a durable cover to protect your speaker system against the elements while traveling. Inside the case you will find a convenient storage and playback input for the iPod Shuffle and a second locking storage compartment to store your earbuds. The net result is you have not only protected your system and your iPod Shuffle, but have downsized your travel items from three to one. The hard case also serves as an audio enhancer. Our engineers chose the optimal materials, size and density of the hard case to encourage it to act as a speaker cabinet and further enhance the audio output relative to other portable speakers. The net result is a distinct and superior audio effect. The i-Pax is truly a baby boom box with high fidelity digital sound. All of the convenient electronic features have been added to the i-Pax, including auto standby power mode when idle, battery charge display lights, iPod shuffle 9 pin connector dock, an AC adapter and a 3.5 audio input and earbud output.

iPax Portable Speaker System for iPod shuffle - 5087

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