• Polk Audio Lsim703 Series Cherry Bookshelf Speaker

Polk Audio Lsim703 Series Cherry Bookshelf Speaker

Jillian by High End Audio Speakers
  • Polk's exclusive dynamic sonic engine design optimizes the midrange driver and the ring radiator tweeter in separate interior chambers for improved transient response, superior imaging and greater horizontal off-axis response.
  • Enhanced, reengineered ring radiator tweeters extend top-end response for incredible details and realistic imaging.
  • Extended Linear Motion voice coil design allows lots of movement in a limited space, eliminating impedance and extending mid- and high-frequency response.
  • Klippel measurement systems are employed during development to ensure the speaker will deliver life-like highly detailed playback at both low and high volumes levels.
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There's no doubt that bookshelf loudspeakers offer greater placement flexibility than floor standing loudspeakers but usually with a trade-off in performance. Not so with the LSiM703 bookshelf loudspeakers. You'll be delightfully surprised to hear the kind of performance that befits our flagship loudspeaker line. With a 6 1/2-inch mid-woofer, 3 1/4-inch midrange, both of lightweight super cell aerated polypropylene, combined with the enhanced deep musical bass response of Polk's patented PowerPort bass venting system, the LSiM703 delivers a wide, deep, dynamic soundstage. The addition of the proprietary 1-inch ring radiator tweeter adds pinpoint detail for realistic imaging. With the performance of the groundbreaking Slim Series in a smaller, flexible bookshelf speaker format, the LSiM703 gives you the best of all worlds.

Polk Audio LSiM703 Series Cherry Bookshelf Speaker

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