• Planet Waves Classic Series Instrument Cable, 20 Feet

Planet Waves Classic Series Instrument Cable, 20 Feet

Mcintire by Samsung Sound Bar Bluetooth
  • In=Out Technology: Low capacitance for pure signal transparency
  • Molded plugs offer protection and strain relief
  • Shielding provides noise rejection for quiet operation
  • Straight-to-straight 1/4-inch plugs for standard input jacks
  • Limited lifetime guarantee
3.02 out of 5
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Product Description

Planet Waves Classic Series Instrument Cable, 20 Feet is a part of Samsung Sound Bar Bluetooth products library. To see this Planet Waves Classic Series Instrument Cable, 20 Feet in stock for product, click the link above and come over and then you will get this item about Planet Waves Classic Series Instrument Cable, 20 Feet .

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Planet Waves Classic Series Guitar and Instrument Cables

All the tone you can handle at a price you can afford

The pure tone you seek does not have to come at the expense of emptying your wallet. The Planet Waves Classic Series is loaded with professional features and premium quality components virtually unheard of at this price point. Classic Series cables are your solution for connecting your electric guitar, acoustic-electric guitar, bass, or keyboard with the confidence and reliability you need from your cables, time after time.

Ultra-pure, oxygen-free copper conductors

The conductor is the heart of your cable, responsible for carrying the signal from end to end. Classic Series’ Oxygen-free copper conductors ensure pure tone and accurate signal transfer.

90% Spiral shielding

Eliminating nearly all interference and handling noise, 90 percent spiral shielding provides additional confidence when recording or playing live.

Exclusive In=Out Technology

You invested in your guitar, keyboard, amplifier and other accessories to get the tone you seek. Planet Waves In=Out technology ensures that you get the sound you intended, with no artificial coloring of your tone by the cable.

Built to Last

Over-molded plugs with built-in strain relief keep pressure off the soldering joint in the cable, providing strength and reliability not found in inexpensive metal connectors.

Which Planet Waves Guitar and Instrument Cable is right for you?

 SnapshotModels AvailableConductor TypeConnector TypeShielding
American Stage
Made in the USA. The ultimate cable for high-end recording and live performanceGuitar/Instrument
Twisted Pair - 100% Oxygen Free CopperPatented Geo-Tip made by Neutrik to Planet Waves' specs100% Coverage + 95% tinned copper braid + PVC under-jacket
Custom Series
Versatile cable suitable for a wide range of playing environments Guitar/Instrument
Twisted Pair - 100% Oxygen Free CopperMolded Plastic100% Coverage from two layers of shielding
Circuit Breaker
Innovative On/Off switch eliminates annoying "pops" when plugging in/outGuitar/Instrument
Coaxial - 100% Oxygen Free CopperBlack Chrome with built-in On/Off switch 100% Coverage from two layers of shielding
Classic Series
Ideal mix of value and performanceGuitar/Instrument
Coaxial - 100% Oxygen Free CopperMolded Plastic90% Spiral Shield

Planet Waves Classic Series Instrument Cable 20 feet

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