• Eurotalk Interactive - Talk Now! Mexican Spanish

Eurotalk Interactive - Talk Now! Mexican Spanish

Washington by Target Portable Speakers
  • Comprehensive interactive language learning; ideal for beginners
  • Four Quiz Levels -Test what you've learnt, earn points and monitor your progress.
  • Intelligent Software -Remembers words you get wrong and targets your progress.
  • Wide Range of Words -From greetings and phrases to parts of the body, numbers and shopping.
  • Recording tools let you record your own voice, to compare pronunciation with a native speaker
3.18 out of 5
(22 customer reviews)

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Talk Now! Mexican Spanish. This is an excitingly different language learning series. Talk Now! uses games and quizzes as a basis for making the learning process fun and relaxing. There's no better way to teach an old dog new tricks and this fun element of the program means that your fears are forgotten as you absorb words and phrases without even realizing you are learning them. Talk Now! is ideal for anyone over 10 years old wishing to improve listening, understanding and spoken language skills. The disc includes nine topics: first words, food, colors, phrases, parts of the body, numbers, time, shopping and countries. Each topic contains listening practice, an easy game, a hard game, a printable dictionary and the opportunity to record your voice and hear how you sound in comparison to the two native speakers who tutor the user throughout the Talk Now! course. Each of the target languages for Talk Now! has help available in an additional 102 languages. This means that the same disc for learning German can be used by someone whose mother tongue is English, Swedish, Farsi or Greek etc. An important part of this software is the unique recording feature. It allows you to hear and compare your voice with a variety of native speakers. By hearing and practicing authentic everyday speech, your natural ability for language will develop. After a surprisingly short period of time you will discover how rewarding learning a language with EuroTalk can be. Each EuroTalk CD has a section Organization for proper tutoring.

EuroTalk Interactive - Talk Now! Mexican Spanish

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