• Philips Shb8000 Bluetooth Headphones With Mic.

Philips Shb8000 Bluetooth Headphones With Mic.

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    [b]Wireless high precision sound
    Excellent isolation and foldable design[/b]
    The biker-inspired CitiScape Foldie delivers clear precise sound and excellent noise isolation via a closed acoustic system and premium drivers. With Bluetooth enjoy music wirelessly and switch between music and calls with ease and style.

    [b]40mm premium neodymium drivers[/b]
    High performance 40mm neodymium drivers reproduce a wide frequency range accentuated with excellent sound details. Enjoy every nuance in your favorite music - from extended bass notes and warm mid-tones to crystal clear highs

    [b]Bluetooth 3.0 connection[/b]
    The CitiScape Foldie features Bluetooth 3.0 which allows you to enjoy your music wirelessly and effortlessly. Its smart controls on the headset is designed to let you easily switch between your music and calls with ease

    [b]Choice of Bluetooth or corded[/b]
    Letting you take your pick of not only Bluetooth wireless but also 3.5mm plug-in musical playback our new Bluetooth headset really does offer you the best of both worlds! Simply pair up your headset with any Bluetooth-enabled device to enjoy wireless listening pleasure at its crystal-clear best. Alternatively just plug in the cable to the 3.5mm jack to enjoy the same deeply enriching immersive listening experience. Choice is yours!

    [b]Compact foldable design[/b]
    Your headphones can be compactly folded for easy storage and portability

    [b]Digital noise reduction[/b]
    This noise reduction technology improves the speech intelligibility with ambient noise during voice calls. It will suppress the background noise and echo so that you can enjoy phone calls with improved audio quality in the presence of road noise babble wind noise and etc. The technology estimates and creates an equal but opposite waveform to the noise that reduces the unwanted noise by the process of subtraction

    [b]Excellent noise isolation[/b]
    Be part of the citys buzz but not its ...

    Philips SHB8000 Bluetooth Headphones with Mic.

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