• Ear Force X4 Dolby Digital Wireless (Headphones) - Xbox 360

Ear Force X4 Dolby Digital Wireless (Headphones) - Xbox 360

Ruth by Turtle Beach Wireless Headset
  • Dolby Pro Logic II provides surround sound from PLII encoded audio and also enhances stereo
  • Hear XBOX Live Chat plus stereo game sound with a heart-thumping bass boost that adds sonic realism
  • Dynamic Talkback lets you hear chat even when the game gets louder; Separate controls for game and chat volumes.
  • Eliminates game sounds picked up by chat mic; mic monitor lets you hear what you're saying
  • Digital input for highest XBOX sound quality, plus analog input for TV and other audio sources
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The Ear Force X4 wireless headphones push your Xbox 360 gaming experience to a whole new level with the thrill and realism of Dolby Digital 5.1 channel surround sound. Pump up the volume without disturbing friends, family, or neighbors. Freely move around as you play. Hear every nuance of the game – from an opponent sneaking behind you to your teammate’s voice right next to you. Trash talk online. Block out distractions. Feel the game expand all around you and become a better player. Conventional Xbox 360 communicator headsets compromise the gaming experience by covering one ear for chat, leaving only a single ear for game audio from the speakers. The Ear ForceX4 Wireless Headphones overcome this problem by playing both the game audio AND the online chat on a single set of high fidelity headphones. The result is the intense experience, privacy, clarity, and competitive edge of PC headphones on the Xbox 360 platform. The Ear Force X4 Xbox 360 Wireless Headphones let you totally focus on your game play and not become distracted by the noise around you. With Dobly surround sound pumped right into your ears, you can hear every nuance of the game all around you in a way that isn't possible when hearing it as background sound with speakers. In addition, because the Xbox Live chat is mixed in with the game signal, you can hear what everyone is saying right in the middle of your head, enabling you to communicate more effectively with other players. As a result, the Ear Force X4 can actually make you a better player. By combining the best of both worlds, avid Xbox 360 gamers no longer have to make the no-win choice between using headphones or talking online. When you’re ready to get serious about your gaming, it’s time for an X4.

Ear Force X4 Dolby Digital Wireless (Headphones) - Xbox 360Ear Force X4 Dolby Digital Wireless (Headphones) - Xbox 360Ear Force X4 Dolby Digital Wireless (Headphones) - Xbox 360Ear Force X4 Dolby Digital Wireless (Headphones) - Xbox 360

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