• The Arrival (Pc Cd Jewel Case)

The Arrival (Pc Cd Jewel Case)

Hines by Pc Subwoofer
  • Multi-threading story line with multiple endings, Variable win and lose outcomes increase replay value! Highly complex full scre
  • First-person, 360-degree horizontal/60-degree vertical w/ real-time perspective correction software & High Resolution 3-Dimensio
  • Intricate, beautifully rendered 3D graphics & images, Hundreds of individual 3D rooms spread across 4 story environments! Digita
  • Thousands of detailed sprite animations of aliens, robots, humanoids & more. Graphics within graphics of the ship's monitors and
  • PC : Windows 95/98/ME
4.52 out of 5
(17 customer reviews)

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The Story: Radio astronomer Zane Zaminsky believes he's picked up a cosmic noise that signals extraterrestrial intelligence. His desperate search for answers leads him to Mexico and a mysterious power plant, Where he is arrested for the murder of a scientist. Zane must escape with his proof of the world-shattering alien invasion in this intense sci-fi thriller movie..... Beginning ten years after the end of the film, The Arrival CDROM Game puts the you in the role of Zane Ziminski, played by Charlie Sheen in the film. You have been captured by the aliens after discovering their base, hidden deep below the New Mexico desert. You awaken in a holding cell onboard the alien space station, and your goal is to thwart their plans for a second attempt to take over Earth (they're planning to inject a gas into the atmosphere to terraform Earth to their liking).

The Arrival is not just another static screen pixel hunt. The high resolution graphics and animations are eerily beautiful, and there's always some little flash of nuance to catch your eye-blinking lights, discharges of steam,busy robots, etc. The Arrival's spectacular graphics, wall to wall digital sound, non-linear path, and multipleendings will provide many hours of intriguing exploration. Turn off the lights, crank the subwoofer. and go for it." - PC GAMER

"Until recently, many movie-based games were little more than thinly veiled attempts to cash in on the massappeal of popular films. The Arrival actually makes a better game than it did a movie." - PLAYBOY Magazine

The Arrival (PC CD Jewel Case)

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