• Ja Audio 3.5" Mini Cube Speakers - Black (Pair)

Ja Audio 3.5" Mini Cube Speakers - Black (Pair)

Alton by Wireless Speakers For Laptop
  • Swivel Design for Full Range of Sound
  • Magnetic Shielding to Eliminate Interference
  • Dual Speaker Design for Maximum Sound
  • Matching Black Wall/Ceiling Mounts Included
4.06 out of 5
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These cube speakers are small and flexible enough to be discretely placed in any home theater set up, but has the power to produce full lifelike sound in 5.1-channel surround sound.

The unique swivel design let you create as large a soundstage as you need. This is because you are able to reflect sound off your room's walls, as well as project it directly into the room. This immerses you in a surround sound experience which doesn't limit you to just one "sweet spot". Much like a movie theater, your entire room will have the full, detailed, lifelike sound you demand.

The speakers also feature magnetic shielding to eliminate vibration and interference to other components.

The speakers come with two mounting brackets that match the color of the speakers. The brackets attach securely to the bottom or the sides of the speakers. Because of the bracket's design, you can then choose to either screw them into the ceiling or use them as stands on your desk or bookshelf.

JA Audio 3.5" Mini Cube Speakers - Black (Pair)

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