• The Savvy Guide To Home Theater

The Savvy Guide To Home Theater

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    Sams Technical Publishing expands its long history in the consumer electronics industry with The Savvy Guide to Home Theater. Aimed at the savvy, do-it-yourself consumer, this book will assist the reader with the purchase, upgrade and installation of his or her home theater system.

    As the consumer electronics industry and consumer's desires continue to change, so has the way we view entertainment in our homes. Whether it is enjoying the big game with our friends, or a quiet, romantic evening of movie watching with our significant other, the set-up is important.

    Choosing appropriate components that complement each other, work well together, fit within the budget, and provide the opportunity for new technologies are equally important. With the myriad of choices at the local electronics retailer, it can be mind-boggling.

    The Savvy Guide to Home Theater will help the reader in identifying the main entertainment uses, and in designing the ideal system around those uses, whether it is for watching sports, or movies, or enjoying music. After reading this book the reader will be able to make educated choices in the purchase of components and cabling, whether building a system from scratch or adding one piece at a time.

    The Savvy Guide To Home Theater

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