• Earcandi: Custom Moulding System For Earphones & Earplugs

Earcandi: Custom Moulding System For Earphones & Earplugs

Samira by Custom Earbuds
  • 100% Guaranteed to never fall out - no matter what you do
  • DIY, Custom mouldable, ultra-soft silicone
  • Sweatproof and waterproof
  • Fits to any earphone
  • Colour - Pink
3.16 out of 5
(13 customer reviews)

Product Description

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Earcandi is a custom moulding system that you can use to make earplugs, or fit to your existing earphones to stop them falling out when you exercise.

Your ear shape is as unique as your fingerprint and is made up of some quite complicated elements. This is why a 'one size fits all' approach will never give you the same comfort as EarcandiTM custom sports earphones. The medical grade silicone polymer we use produces a soft, flexible and durable product, which you can leave in your ears for hours without noticing.

The unique EarcandiTM moulding polymer comes in two parts and is incredibly easy to work with - in fact it feels a bit like Play-Doh. When the two parts are combined the silicone begins to set and will be fixed to its permanent shape in only 10 minutes. Our unique moulding method ensures the silicone easily fits to any earphone and will retain its shape permanently, giving you a soft, sturdy and comfortable set of custom sports earphones that will last.

The process of fitting EarcandiTM is as easy as 1... 2... 3... and only takes about 10 minutes. Everything you need is in the box and the proven EarcandiTM system is engineered to be permanently shaped to your ear, giving you custom sports earphones with an in-ear fit which is as good as it gets. With such a good fit you can listen to music for hours without the fatigue associated with wearing standard earphones and with the 100% EarcandiTM user guarantee, you can be sure that your new custom moulded earphones will stay firmly in place. Noise isolation is also greatly improved due to the exact fit you get with EarcandiTM, allowing you to play your music at lower volumes without being able to hear less, which reduces the chance of damaging your hearing by having to blast the volume. Photos, descriptions and videos on the fitting process are available at the Earcandi website.

*Earcandi moulding system only, earphones not included.

Earcandi: Custom Moulding System for Earphones & Earplugs

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