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    TV Listener Wireless Headphones System

    TV Listener Wireless Headphones allow you to listen to your TV, Stereo, Radio, or any other audio source at a volume that is comfortable for you without disturbing others in the room. Whether you are hard of hearing or simply want to watch television when someone else is sleeping, TV Listener Headphones are the ideal choice.

    The TV Listener Wireless Headphones utilize infrared technology. This technology is considered to be the best and clearest for sound transmission and our headphones are lightweight for maximum comfort. A simple, cost effective and quality TV listening system, buy your TV Listener Wireless Headphones from ActiveForever today!

    How it works:

    The TV Listener transmitter sits on your audio source (TV/VCR, stereo, etc.) and transmits an audio signal via infrared light. The receiver in the headphones captures the infrared light waves and converts them back into sound. You adjust the volume on the TV Listener Wireless Headphones to suit your personal needs. Multiple headphones can be used with one transmitter.

    Please Note: This product is best used if the line of sight is clear. Make sure your TV Listener Wireless Headphones transmitter is in clear view and not tucked away in a cabinet or blocked in any way.

    TV Listener Wireless Headphones System Features:

    • Infrared (No interference from radio signals)
    • Comfortable, light headphones
    • Volume control on headset
    • Works in both stereo and mono
    • Easy hook-up! Enjoy the ....

    Unnamed product variant

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