• Simple Audio Listen Stereo Speakers With Bluetooth (90S0001-Us)

Simple Audio Listen Stereo Speakers With Bluetooth (90S0001-Us)

Harry by Bluetooth Pc Headset
  • Two-way speakers with separate 1" dome tweeters and 3" drivers in a bi-amplified design
  • Digital signal path with integrated DSP providing EQ and active crossovers, and a powerful four-channel Class-D amp
  • Connected speaker that works with everything! There's a USB interface for PCs and Macs, Bluetooth 3 connectivity for tablets and smartphones, and a 3.5mm line-in connector
  • Unique touch interface controls power, volume, mute, Bluetooth and line-in selects. Include infrared remote for "across the room" control
  • Includes power adapter, speaker cables, USB cable, and a 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable
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Product Description

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Great Sound, Beautifully Designed

Just because you’re listening to music on a computer, smartphone, or tablet, doesn't mean you have to settle for thin, lifeless sound. Created in concert with one of the world’s leading industrial design firms, Simple Audio Listen speakers look gorgeous next to your computer, paired with your tablet, or integrated into any living space in your home. And with a bi-amplified design that typically found only on high-end audio gear, Listen delivers an audio experience you have to hear to believe.

A Master of Connection

Listen connects directly to your Windows or Mac OS X based PC using USB, or to your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth. You’ll get amazing sound from whatever source you’re using. There’s even a 3.5 mm line-in jack conveniently located on the front of the speakers so you can connect to any audio player with a headphone or line-out connection.

Control at Your Fingertips

Welcome to the 21st century. You won’t find buttons, switches, or knobs anywhere. An elegant touch interface lets you brush your finger across the top of the speaker to change the volume, tap to change inputs or mute the audio. You can also use the included infrared remote and stay in control from across the room.

Listen Audio Platform

Simple Audio Listen speakers incorporate technology generally reserved for high-end audiophile systems, including a fully digital signal path, DSP, and bi-amplified design to deliver amazing audio quality.Typical PC speakers use a common electrical signal that is sent to a single full-range driver in each cabinet. In this design, the driver is forced to try to deliver the full audio spectrum, resulting in lower quality audio. Sometimes, a subwoofer is used to offload some of the lower frequencies to improve the overall sound quality. In higher-end speakers, you’ll often find a tweeter and woofer in each speaker, driven by a single amplifier using passive crossovers to send each driver the appropriate frequencies. This sounds much better than a single driver, but you can still improve on that design. Listen incorporates a separate ferro-fluid cooled, silk dome tweeter and long-throw woofer with neodymium magnets in each speaker, but uses active crossovers rather than passive and adds a dedicated amplifier to each separate driver, allowing us to precisely control both the power and the frequency range sent to each. We’ve also included a bass-reinforcing passive radiator to boost the low-end response. The end result is a much better sounding set of speakers at any volume level.

Listen User Interface

The right speaker includes a unique touch interface that eliminates knobs, buttons, and switches, resulting in a cleaner, more refined looking speaker. Using capacitive touch, controlling your speakers is incredibly simple and intuitive. Brush your finger across the surface to increase or decrease the volume, tap the mute control to immediately silence the audio, or tap to select Bluetooth or line-in as your source. It’s amazingly easy. If you’re listening from across the room, touch isn’t the most practical interface so we’ve included an infrared remote that gives you access to the same functions you find on the top of your Listen speakers.


Because you don’t listen to music only your computer, Listen has a variety of inputs including USB, Bluetooth, and line-in connections, so you can connect it to everything from PCs to smartphones, tablets, and even gaming consoles and CD players. It’s a desktop speaker that you can use anywhere in your home.

Input-Output Connections
  • USB connection for Windows- and Mac OS X-based PCs
  • Bluetooth for iOS and Android-based smartphones and tablets, or any Bluetooth A2DP-enabled device
  • 3.5 mm stereo line-in
  • 3.5 mm headphone output
  • Subwoofer output via RCA jack to any powered subwoofer (full dynamic range)

Simple Audio Listen Stereo Speakers with Bluetooth (90S0001-US)Simple Audio Listen Stereo Speakers with Bluetooth (90S0001-US)Simple Audio Listen Stereo Speakers with Bluetooth (90S0001-US)Simple Audio Listen Stereo Speakers with Bluetooth (90S0001-US)

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