• Radio Frequency Meter (Acoustimeter)

Radio Frequency Meter (Acoustimeter)

Walter by Wireless Radio Headphones
  • The Acoustimeter is a user-friendly accurate RF reader
  • from TETRA all the way up to and beyond the 5.6 GHz WiFi and WiMax frequencies
  • provides LED light and LCD text displaying the various levels of radio frequency electromagnetic fields
  • It has a digital readout which is sensitive to 0.02 V/m
  • sound output enabling you to hear the signal modulation.
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The cell phone tower radiation meter (Acoustimeter) has been designed to enable you to make a quick and informed judgement regarding the level and nature of cell phone tower radiation in your environment. It is a broadband instrument that accurately measures the totality of the cell phone tower radiation in the range 200 MHz to about 8000 MHz (8 GHz), which covers the frequencies used by most modern communication systems encountered in our everyday environment. The Acoustimeter was designed using the experience gained from many years of practical RF and microwave measurements.

The readings are shown on both an LCD display and two series of graduated LED lights. The LEDs update rapidly, and allow you to quickly gauge the levels in an area and find any hot-spots. The LCD display offers high accuracy with a lower update speed, giving you time to take note of the readings. It also has a speaker (and audio output socket for headphones or to feed to an audio recorder), allowing you to determine, with a small amount of practice, what type of device is creating the levels that are present. Sound samples are available on on this page to help you identify what kind of signal your Acoustimeter is measuring. The sounds made by different transmitters can change with time, so these are meant as a rough guide only. If you are subject to a number of sources of RF, the sounds may intermingle and be less easily identified.

In areas where there is virtually no modulated microwave radiation (below the level of 0.02 V/m that the Acoustimeter is designed to detect), it is possible, with the volume turned fully up, to hear faintly some background clicking. This is from internal workings of the Acoustimeter and is not related to any external signal, and is therefore of no concern.

Radio Frequency Meter (Acoustimeter)

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