• Speechware Travelmike

Speechware Travelmike

Shane by Target Wireless Speakers
  • Industry first TravelMike for Notebooks, Ultrabooks and Tablet PCs.
  • The SpeechMatic USB MultiAdapter with standard 3.5 mm Mic input and output Sound ports, as well as integrated 'Speech Equaliser (EQ)' and 'Amplifier (AGC)' for superior performance with Speech recognition, Voice recording and wideband or 20 kHz High Definition (HD) Voice over IP (VoIP) or Internet telephony
  • The small detachable and interchangeable flexible microphone boom (18 cm or 7") for easier removal, portability and storage
  • The 90° elbow and rigid USB connector, compatible with any Notebook, Ultrabook or Tablet PC.
  • The built-in EQ & AGC, similar to the award-winning TableMikes, delivers very high recognition accuracy from 10 cm up to 50 cm (4" to 20") range, depending upon voice volume and ambient noise, comparable to that of the best headsets. Optimal dictation distance: about 25 cm or 10" under Green LED.
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High sensitive noise cancelling Desktop microphone with USB interface and standard 3.5 mm Mic input and output Sound ports in an industry first small USB module, ideal for any Notebook, Ultrabook or Tablet PC. Dual funcionality: Long-range and variable dictation distance (up to 50 cm or 20") with very high accuracy, under Green LED, and Normal mode for VoIP and Voice recording applications under Blue LED. Industry first integrated 'Speech Equaliser (EQ)' and 'Automatic Gain Control (AGC)' or Amplifier similar to the TableMikes. Single translucent Push Button supporting the long-range (Green LED), normal (Blue LED) and mute (Red LED) modes. Small detachable and interchangeable microphone boom (18 cm or 7") with flexible tip for perfect positioning. 90º elbow and rigid USB connector. Wideband and 20 kHz High Definition VoIP. Two-year warranty.

SpeechWare TravelMikeSpeechWare TravelMikeSpeechWare TravelMikeSpeechWare TravelMike

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