• Samsung Hm3300 Bluetooth Headset (Gray)

Samsung Hm3300 Bluetooth Headset (Gray)

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  • Easy NFC Pairing
  • HD Voice giving exceptional voice quality via wideband supported phones
  • Voice Prompts
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Samsung HM3300 NFC Wireless Bluetooth Headset with Noise reduction, Echo cancellation and supports Music streaming (Gray)

Borrowing it’s aesthetic from its big brother the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone, the HM3300 Bluetooth headset boasts a rich set of features like HD Voice and NFC Pairing wrapped up in a refined, modern package that makes it the perfect complement to the Galaxy S3.

HD Voice and Noise Cancellation for Superior Sound in any Environment

The Samsung HM3300 offers HD Voice technology for exceptional voice quality via Wideband supported phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3. Even if you don’t have a phone the supports wideband, the HM3300 delivers top-notch sound via its built-in noise reduction and echo cancellation technology, ensuring crystal clear call clarity on all types of phones, even in noisy environments. You can even stream mono music and podcasts directly to the device from your Bluetooth-compatible media player or computer.

Pair Devices Instantly With a Tap via NFC Technology

Pairing your HM3300 to a Galaxy S3 is a snap using the built-in NFC (near field communication) feature. Simply tap the headset to any NFC-enabled phone or Bluetooth device to pair. Even if your phone isn’t NFC-compatible, the HM3300 headset automatically pairs with the closest Bluetooth-enabled device through its Simple Pairing feature. Simply turn on the Bluetooth feature on your smartphone, then select the HM3300 and you’re connected; no passcode needed. And with built-in Multipoint Technology, you can pair the headset to two different devices at once for seamless integration across devices. This feature is indispensible for users who carry both a business phone and a personal phone, or online gamers who like to play on multiple platforms.

Exceptional Battery Life

The inline rechargeable battery boasts 4 hours of talk time, 4 hours of music streaming and up to 140 hours of standby time per charge cycle. And with a dedicated on/off switch it’s easy to conserve power until you need it. The built-in voice prompts can even tell you when you need to recharge your headset.

Customized Fit

The headset ships with three interchangeable soft gel tips for a customized fit and the ultra-lightweight design ensures that the device remains secure and comfortable, even when worn for long durations.

Voice Prompts Keep You Informed

The HM3300 is built with convenience in mind. The built-in voice prompts can tell you when you need to recharge your headset, when you’ve successfully connected to a device, and even provide usage instructions.

Text-to-Speech For a Truly Handsfree Experience

For user with Android-compatible smartphones the HM3300’s built in text-to-speech feature (when used in conjunction with the FreeSync Android™ application) can even read your e-mails, SMS messages and identify callers for a truly handsfree experience.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 2in L x .80in W

Weight: .4oz

Bluetooth Version: 3.0

Talk Time: Up to 4 Hours

Media Streaming: Up to 4 Hours

Standby Time: Up to 140 Hours

About the Manufacturer

Samsung Electronics Corporation researches, develops and markets a variety of personal and business communications products including mobile phones, tablets and associated accessories. For the past five years Samsung has been recognized as the number one mobile phone manufacturer in the world based on customer loyalty and is the largest manufacturer of mobile phones worldwide.

Only Accept Genuine Samsung Products

Beware of Imitations! All authentic Samsung products will have a holographic sticker visible on the product packaging signifying that you have purchased genuine Samsung product. If you receive a product and the sticker is non-existent, has been removed or the packaging appears to have been tampered with, please report this to the reseller that you purchased the product from immediately.

Samsung HM3300 Bluetooth Headset (Gray)Samsung HM3300 Bluetooth Headset (Gray)Samsung HM3300 Bluetooth Headset (Gray)Samsung HM3300 Bluetooth Headset (Gray)Samsung HM3300 Bluetooth Headset (Gray)Samsung HM3300 Bluetooth Headset (Gray)Samsung HM3300 Bluetooth Headset (Gray)Samsung HM3300 Bluetooth Headset (Gray)Samsung HM3300 Bluetooth Headset (Gray)

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Samsung hm3300 nfc wireless bluetooth headest with noise reduction, echo cancellation and supports music streaming (gray)

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