• The Strange Tale Of Jesse Jones And The Violin

The Strange Tale Of Jesse Jones And The Violin

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    “MUSIC ISN’T JUST LEARNING NOTES AND PLAYING THEM, YOU LEARN MUSIC TO PLAY THE MUSIC OF YOUR SOUL.” Jesse Jones thought she had been put off playing music for life after an early trauma with a recorder teacher left her with a phobia of reading music. Fate intervenes when she meets the Muddy River Boys and subsequent events lead her to pick up a violin. Longing to play this beautiful instrument brings about an extraordinary musical adventure and encounters with colourful characters that assist her in her quest. From the early pitfalls of buying a Stradivarius on eBay, to finding friends to play with and a teacher who believes in her, the journey is a bumpy ride. Good times with friends at pubs and festivals contrast with being ‘banned’ and shunned for playing the ‘wrong’ kind of music. However as Jesse's life becomes more entangled with “Jay the Mandolin” and piratical Jimmi, the tale takes a strange turn when she is encouraged by a screen writer to “reveal more” in her story telling. Gradually Jesse discloses more about the personal struggles behind the music and unwittingly the critic who suggested this expose` also becomes part of the tale. Set in the beautiful countryside of Wales, this is a story for anyone who has pursued a passion and battled against sceptics and self-doubt.

    The Strange Tale of Jesse Jones and the ViolinThe Strange Tale of Jesse Jones and the Violin

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