• Ihome Ip9 Speaker Dock With Clock Radio For Ipod And Iphone (Black)

Ihome Ip9 Speaker Dock With Clock Radio For Ipod And Iphone (Black)

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  • Plays and charges iPod mini; iPod nano 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G; iPod classic 3G, 4G, 5G, 5.5G, 6G; iPod touch 1G, 2G, 3G; iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4
  • Wake or sleep to iPhone, iPod, playlist, AM/FM radio, or buzzer; separate weekday/weekend alarm times
  • High-fidelity stereo drivers in specially designed Reson8 speaker chambers deliver astounding clarity, depth, and power
  • Auxiliary input for connecting external audio devices
  • Remote controls unit and iPod, including menu functions
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The iP9 is an innovative clock radio for iPhone and iPod designed to shield annoying iPhone/mobile phone GSM noise. This way, the airplane mode is not required, and you'll never miss a call again when your iPhone is docked. The iP9 has several unique features, including a remote control, AM/FM presets, EQ controls, and even 3D sound for an enhanced audio experience. The iP9 also allows you to wake to your custom iPod playlist at different times on different days, with iHome's 7-5-2 feature and programmable snooze settings. You'll also enjoy great sound around the clock with their Reson8 stereo speaker chambers.

An innovative clock radio for iPhone and iPod. Click to enlarge.

Reson8 speaker chambers deliver rich, powerful audio.

Remote included.

iPod, iPhone, Radio, or Buzzer Alarm
Wake to your docked iPod, the radio, or--if you must--a classic buzzer alarm. Whichever you choose, a gradual alarm feature gently raises the alarm volume, so it's not too jarring. Dual alarm lets you set separate wake times.

You can set separate wake times for weekdays and weekends, and you can wake to the playlist or song of your choice.

Programmable Snooze
The iP9's programmable snooze feature allows you to set snooze intervals of 1 to 29 minutes, so you can milk every last second of sleep before you're late for work.

Sleep Features
Drift off to your iPod, iPhone, or radio, with programmable sleep times of 120, 90, 60, 30, or 15 minutes. Gentle Sleep gradually decreases the music volume as you drift off to dreamland.

What's more, an Adjustable Sleep volume solves an age-old alarm clock problem, allowing you to select a comfortable "sleep" volume level without affecting the "wake to" or listening volume levels.

Play and Charge Your iPod or iPhone
The iP9's universal dock plays and charges most docking iPod models (in addition to using them for alarms), along with the iPhone. So when you do finally wake up, your device will have a full charge as you head out the door.

DST Switch
Switch to daylight savings time at the flick of a switch, rather than pushing buttons for that whole extra hour.

AM/FM Radio
The iP9 delivers solid radio listening, complete with an external AM antenna for better reception. Save your favorite stations on the AM/FM presets.

Big Sound, Small Package
The iP9 delivers powerful audio with stereo drivers in specially designed Reson8 speaker chambers.

Reson8 is iHome's through-body ported speaker chamber technology. Porting speakers gives better bass response characteristics and helps the iP9 deliver sound beyond its size.

Bass, treble, 3D, and balance controls let you further adjust the sound to your liking.

Auxiliary Input
Connect external devices like MP3 or CD players to the rear auxiliary input for your enjoyment.

Full-Function Remote Control
Enjoy convenient control from a distance with the included remote--control both radio and iPod functions.

What's in the Box
iP9 Clock Radio and Audio System (Black), remote control, docking inserts, AC power adapter, AM antenna and stand, and owner's manual.

iHome iP9 Speaker Dock with Clock Radio for iPod and iPhone (Black)iHome iP9 Speaker Dock with Clock Radio for iPod and iPhone (Black)

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