• Samson C03U Multi-Pattern Usb Studio Condenser Microphone

Samson C03U Multi-Pattern Usb Studio Condenser Microphone

Woodyard by Samson Usb Microphone
  • Plugs in directly to any computer with a USB interface
  • Switchable Cardioid, Omni, and Figure-8 Pickup Patterns
  • High Quality A/D Converter with 16-Bit, 48kHz Sampling Rate
  • Dual Large 19mm Diaphragm Elements
  • Switchable High-Pass Filter and 10 dB Pad
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Product Description

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Multiple Patterns for Multiple Uses

Based on the extremely popular C03 studio condenser microphone, the C03U delivers pristine audio quality with enhanced capabilities, most notably multiple pickup patterns. The C03U also features dual 19mm internal shockmounted diaphragms with high SPL neodymium elements and switchable omnidirectional, supercardioid and bi-directional (figure-8) pickup patterns. Each of these patterns provide a smooth, flat frequency response supported by a switchable high-pass filter and -10 dB pad. Capturing audio at 16-bit resolution up to a 48kHz sampling rate, the C03U offers the accuracy you need to be sure that what you hear is what you get.

Samson C03U Multi-Pattern USB Studio Condenser Microphone
Multi-pattern USB studio condenser microphone is compatible with both PC and Mac.
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Samson C03U Multi-Pattern USB Studio Condenser Microphone
The C03U also features dual 19mm internal shockmounted diaphragms.
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USB Bus-Powered

The C03U is USB compatible with any Mac or PC, as well as most DAW software programs, including GarageBand. The C03U comes with Cakewalk's Sonar LE digital audio workstation software. No additional drivers or special software is needed. In addition, a desktop mic stand, mic clip, USB cable and carry pouch are included. All this, along with its solid die-cast construction, makes the C03U just as durable as it is portable. The C03U is essential for any level of musician, but its versatility can be applied to create audio solutions for anyone who records audio, particularly podcasters, educators, and business professionals.

Music from the Home/Mobile Studio

For musicians, the convergence of computer and audio technologies has established the home/mobile studio as an alternative to the professional recording facility. Whether you're touring the country or experimenting in your project studio, the C03U sets the standard for integrating your computer into your recording experience. Use the super-cardioid pickup pattern to record a single vocalist/instrumentalist or the omnidirectional configuration to harness an entire ensemble with ambient room miking at a pro-level directly to your computer. The C03U is perfect for recording music on-the-go or in limited spaces, allowing all musicians tremendous freedom to create.

Empowering Podcasters

The evolution of podcasting has created a need for high-quality production capabilities that are also attainable by everyone. Satisfying these criteria, the C03U is a podcaster's dream come true. Given a simple USB connection straight into your computer, it provides your podcasts with unparalleled quality in audio recording. With the C03U's multi-pattern pickup abilities, the voices of individual web journalists (super-cardioid), as well as discussion groups (omnidirectional) and interviewers (bi-directional), everywhere are empowered to establish a real identity in the congested world of podcasting.

Capturing the Workplace

The C03U provides answers for those business professionals in need of revitalizing their corporate communications. Ideal for rich media on websites, in multimedia presentations, company meetings or corporate events, the C03U's features allow for easy recording of studio-quality audio clips to make communications more impactful and your presentations come to life. The mobility factor surrounding the C03U is also attractive to business professionals, as it can travel with you as easy as a laptop or briefcase to that next meeting.

About Samson

Samson Technologies began in 1980 designing wireless microphone systems. Today, Samson is an industry leader in audio, wireless and bass amplification in both the consumer and MI global markets. Over 350 Samson, Hartke and Zoom products are sold and distributed in over 140 countries around the world.

Key Features
  • USB bus-powered--just plug in and start recording
  • 16-Bit resolution, 44.1-48kHz sampling
  • Switchable Cardioid, Omni, and Figure-8 Pickup Patterns
  • Switchable High-Pass Filter and -10dB Pad
  • Large 19mm diaphragm
  • Includes desktop mic stand, mic clip, USB cable and carry pouch
  • Includes Cakewalk Recording Software for your PC: Sonar LE
Following the success of the C01U, Samson is proud to introduce the C03U multi-pattern USB studio condenser microphone. Based on the extremely popular C03 studio condenser, the C03U delivers the same pristine audio quality and enhanced capabilities along with a high-quality A/D converter and USB output.

A multi-pattern condenser with high-quality A/D conversion and USB output. Click to enlarge.

View polar pattern/frequency response. Click to enlarge.

Samson's downloadable SoftPre gives you extra software controls.

The C03U features dual 19mm internal shockmounted diaphragms with switchable omni, supercardioid, and figure-8 pickup patterns. It's perfect for recording vocals or any acoustic instrument. Plus, the selectable patterns make it ideal for a variety of specialized recording situations, like multiple vocalists, ambient room miking, and even a group of people around a conference table recording a Podcast.

The C03U works seamlessly on any computer running Mac OS X, Windows XP or Windows Vista. It also works with most DAW software programs without having to install any extra software or drivers. And with solid die-cast construction, the C03U is as durable as it is portable, so taking it on the road with your laptop is never an problem.

Samson SoftPre
The Samson C03U is designed to be fully functional without installing additional drivers. But for those who would like a little something extra, Samson offers its downloadable SoftPre software applet, which gives you an Input Level Meter, Volume control, High-pass filter and Phase Switch, for Mac or Windows.

C03U Specs

  • Frequency Response: 20 - 18000 HZ
  • Polar pattern: Super Cardioid, Omni, Bi-directional
  • Element type: Back condenser type
  • Diaphragm thickness: 3 microns
  • SPL: 136 dB Max.
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 7 x 2.125 x 2.125 inches (180 x 54 x 54 mm)
  • Weight: 1.06 lbs. (.48 kg)

What's in the Box
C03U Microphone, Swivel Stand Mount, 10-Foot USB Cable

Samson C03U Multi-Pattern USB Studio Condenser MicrophoneSamson C03U Multi-Pattern USB Studio Condenser Microphone

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